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Periodontics in Edmonton

Your gums are an integral part of your mouth. A lot depends on your gums - they protect the roots of your teeth from infection and injury. They’re also vulnerable to infections that can lead to gum disease, a serious condition that has been linked to health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. Periodontics is the branch of dentistry involved with the health and care of the gums and the prevention and treatment of gum disease.

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A frenectomy is the surgical removal or alteration of connective tissues in your mouth. These tissues, like the ones connecting your tongue to the floor of your mouth, can be too tight and can cause discomfort. The frenectomy relieves the tightness and brings relief from the discomfort.

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling is the removal of tartar buildup from your teeth. Because tartar can build up under your gums, where it can cause gum inflammation, we need to remove it with special tools.

Root planing is a similar treatment used to remove buildup and rough patches from the roots of your teeth to prevent inflammation and gum infections.


Extractions are performed when a tooth can’t be saved by a root canal or other treatment. After the tooth is extracted it can be replaced with a bridge, denture, or dental implant.

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