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Saturday, Nov 1, 2014 from 9am to 2pm.
$1 for every lb per child

Spearmint Dental will be opening its doors on Saturday, Nov 1st the day after Trick-or-Treating, to offer children the opportunity to “cash in” on an exciting candy buy back incentive. We are doing this in recognition of the fact that even children recognize that some of the “treats” they collect on Halloween are of such poor quality but huge quantity, that they would rather have cash in hand than eat the candy. We hope to create awareness in children and reduce the negative impact that so much candy poses to their dental health. We believe in rewarding children for their efforts by giving them something in return. We hope that parents will embrace this event and encourage their own children to participate. The amount turned in can range from all, to what they consider surplus. Drs. Bhasin, Dewar, and Kern will reward children 1$ per pound which is probably more than it costs to manufacture some of the treats. This news further supports our commitment to being a community minded practice whose intent with this action is to reach out to and welcome the youngest of our neighbours.

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