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Save Your Teeth from Infection

Save badly decayed or infected tooth at Spearmint Dental. A root canal is recommended for a tooth with a large cavity or extensive decay and infection.

Dentist inspecting women's teeth

Understanding Root Canals

The root canals are spaces that house the tooth roots. The canals are just below the center of the tooth containing the soft area called the pulp and the nerve. During a root canal treatment, the nerve, pulp, and areas of decay are removed and the resulting cavity is cleaned and sealed.

The pulp needs to be removed if there is extensive tooth damage. If left untreated, bacteria multiplies inside the pulp, infecting the tooth roots and the soft tissues around the tooth. A root canal usually takes more than one visit. The final step of the procedure may involve further restoration, typically using a crown or a crown post to restore the tooth to full function and protect it from damage.

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