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Generally, when we think of cavities, we associate them with school children. We think about our own experiences of receiving fillings after months of eating candies and drinking soda. Children end up needing more fillings than adults because of their love of sugar and their lack of proper dental hygiene. However, they aren’t the only age group to have trouble with cavities, but the second age group might surprise you!

If you are around retirement age, we are talking to you. Something happens around this age; patients generally begin taking prescription drugs that they’ve never taken before. A lot of those prescriptions come along with side effects like dry mouth, and that is where the issue comes in. Saliva plays an important role in removing bacteria from the mouth. Dry mouth symptoms make it nearly impossible to prevent cavities.

A Few Solutions

If you are in this age group and find yourself suffering from dry mouth symptoms, it’s time to make some changes to battle for your smile. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated, and if a prescription medication is to blame, talk with your doctor about switching it. This might also be a good time to invest in dental sealants, which will add a layer of protection between your teeth and the decay-causing bacteria that live in your mouth.

When you think of cavities, don’t limit your thinking to the children of society because you might miss a chance to protect your own smile. Contact us today to set up your next appointment. Let us know what questions you have about the relationship between dry mouth and cavities.

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