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Get your teeth whitened safely and effectively at Spearmint Dental.

Flash a radiant smile and look years younger with professional cosmetic teeth whitening from your Alberta dentist. Teeth bleaching removes stains on the tooth enamel, and the process is often combined with laser for better results. Professional teeth whitening at a dental office is better and safer than other teeth whitening options because the dentist monitors the entire procedure.

Teeth bleaching starts with a comprehensive oral evaluation. This includes your medical history, previous restorative procedures and the types of stains on your teeth. These details help your dentist design the best treatment plan. Sometimes, dental cleaning is enough to restore your teeth’s brightness.

Whitening may take more than one session, with each session lasting about 30 minutes to an hour. The dentist covers your gums and soft tissues with protective gel, and then applies bleaching agents to your teeth. Patients with healthy gums and teeth (and without restorations like veneers and fillings) usually get the best results.

Whiter teeth improve your appearance and boost confidence. Find out if teeth whitening is right for you by contacting Spearmint Dental: Complete Oral Care Solution. We offer the most services in-house. Call our Alberta dental office at 780-438-0045(South) or 780-481-3216(West). You may also fill out our patient form.

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