Preventive Care

Preventive Care is the foundation of excellent oral health.

Spearmint Dental is committed to maintaining optimum dental health for the entire family. We offer high-quality preventive dental care in the form of regular check-ups, treatments for sensitive teeth and tooth decay, root planning and scaling, fluoride and sealant application, periodontal therapy and patient education.

Regular dental check-ups are the cornerstone of our patient care. During your appointment, you will receive a comprehensive oral evaluation to determine your risks for tooth decay.

Our dental hygienists also instruct patients on proper diet, oral hygiene habits (particularly the right way to floss and brush) and preventing oral injuries and conditions associated with cigarette smoking and oral piercings.

A typical visit to the dentist may include teeth cleaning, fluoride and sealant application and cavity removal. Dental x-rays and other diagnostic procedures are performed as necessary.

Preventive care is the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Regular check-ups detect and treat problems before they worsen, helping you avoid expensive and complicated dental work.

Contact our Alberta dental office at 780-438-0045(South) or 780-481-3216(West) to learn more about Preventive Care. You may also fill out the appointment form to book a consultation. Spearmint Dental: Complete Oral Care Solution offers the most services in-house.

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