Do you suffer for TMJ pain? Don’t want to wear a night guard? Tired of waking up with a headache or sore jaw?

Botox can be used as an alternative treatment to treat conditions such as TMD, bruxism, and headaches resulting from teeth grinding and day to day stress.

Botox is injected into the masseter muscles as shown in the image.

The Masseter muscle is a facial muscle that helps you chew. Like any muscle that is used excessively, patients who are constantly grinding or clenching their teeth or even frequently chewing gum are at risk for masseter hypertrophy. Not only does this lead to TMJ pain but may cause the face to appear rounder or square along the jaw line.

When Botox is injected into the masseter muscles it provides dual benefits:

- Relieve aches and pain caused by clenching or grinding

- Narrow the appearance of a wide/square jaw

Worried about the pain? The pain from the injections is none to very minimal

Most of our patients start experiencing great improvement and relief within a couple days although full effect can take up to 2 weeks.

How much Botox will I need? The amount of Botox needed varies with every patient and is determined by the dentist during the consultation.

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